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News, here is a microcosm of the larger world, scandal , natural disasters, births and deaths we have. Looking across the valley one can tell what is going on and there is a great sense of contact with the constantly changing activities of a farming community. On the other side of the valley, clearly visible we have a herd of Bufalo (Bufalo Mozzarella) During our unprecedented "Siberian Spell" this winter we watched the struggles to maintain them, chaining and unchaining tractor wheels, carrying fodder and heaving heaters into the byres to keep them alive and be warm enough to milk them. It's a life shared.

Joys, come in the simplest of ways, a good shower of rain that makes the ploughing possible. A dry sunny spell in which to pick the olives and knowing that spring is really here when a cacophony of sound announces the arrival of those pretentious creatures, the hoopee birds.

Oh, the scandal, well that would be telling!


Here is a recipe from one of our guests invented from produce from the garden


It was a pleasure ,too, to meet you and to share some wine and wisdom. We are only sorry you had plans for dinner as our “tagliatelli Casa Sant Anna”, made with ingredients from the property, was superb. This photo does not do it justice, but know that it was extraordinary --- because of the ingredients, not the skill of the cook.

 tagliatelli, figs, prosciutto, toasted hazlenuts, cipollini onion, garlic, parmigiano





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"You know everything must be perfect when

 you realise you just don't want to go home.  The stresses of life soon evaporated in fromt of the pool while admiring the garden and the panoramic views......


Thank you Carole for allowing us to share your wonderful home."


Julian, Carolyn and Alexandra,

Gloucester, UK



"Thank you for sharing this very special place with us. We needed this moment of peace, beauty and healing and we will always remember this hilltop in Umbria for the gift it gave us"


Steve and Cookie Roberts,

California, USA



"Thank you Carole for such a wonderful week of self indulgence.  This is so much more than a rental villa"


Our best evenings were at home looked after by your wonderful cook.


We would love to return"


Jan and Adam

York UK